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Family Constellation Workshops

Upcoming dates for 2019

9th - 10th February
TBA 2017 (Addictions Workshop),
6th - 7th April
29th - 30th June
5th - 6th October
23rd - 24th November

I facilitate the Family Constellation workshops at the Awareness Centre in London, in Brighton and overseas.

Family Constellations explore the roots of limitations and suffering that arise from the unconscious forces of family systems. Because these dynamics are hidden they are difficult to observe. Family Constellations is a systemic psychotherapy that can identify and resolve these forces. Based on the work of Bert Hellinger, it is a ‘solution orientated’ process

Each workshop is a safe and confidential setting for approximately twelve to fifteen people. Anyone wishing to explore their issues will be invited to set up a constellation using members of the group to represent their family members. By creating a “living map” of a problem, simple realities of the dynamics of the wider system can be seen and understood, providing new insights and opportunities. Both acting as a representative and being a member of the group are themselves healing experiences for many.

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